We have now just had my 5 year old complete his 14 consecutive dry night using the dryeasy bedwetting alarm. Initially I was a little sceptical as my son was a really heavy sleeper. So the first two weeks I was in his room and soon as the alarm went off we raced off to the toilet, and I was wondering how was this going to work then on the third week my son just started getting up by himself and going to the toilet when he needed to and we only had one mishap since that week. So now after completing 14 days of dry nights he can take the alarm off and I will put it away until his little sister turns 5. We did have a few mishaps with the alarm and I thought it might be faulty but then I got additional tips regarding the cleaning of it from your company and it was all ok. Considering I have had very limited success with dry nights since my son was toilet trained during the day at age 2.5 years old this is amazing that is sorted in a matter of weeks.

I can’t tell you how happy I am not to have to worry about extra washing and his skin being irritated and he is so happy that he is dry every morning now.

Thanks very much.

Kirsten, Western Australia

Thanks to the DryEasy bedwetting alarm I now have a very happy 7 year old boy (and Mum!). It worked. After charting his progress over about 7 weeks, we had 4 wet nights and the rest were dry. I am very happy with this product and have been singing it’s praises around town. I would definitely recommend this product.

Thanks again.

Justine, Australia

Our son was still wetting at night and about to turn 11. He was embarrased and we were frustrated. We’d tried everything from encouragement to medication and nothing was working. He’d have occasional success for a few nights, then lapse again.

Finally I found the DryEasy alarm on google and ordered one. It was here within a couple of days. It was easy to use and incredibly effective! Within a week, our son was dry as a bone! A week to verify he was keeping dry and that was it!

Steve, Australia

The bedwetting alarm worked really well, it took about 8 weeks, but my son is now completely dry every night. The only remark I have on the product is that after a while my son found the wire annoying and was reluctant to put the alarm on. Also we had a few occasions were my son pulled the wire in his sleep while turning and the alarm came loose, setting off the alarm.

Overall I can highly recommend the alarm, it was much easier than the alternative – making an appointment at the children’s hospital for an assessment and renting an alarm – the waiting list for that is ver 6 months.

Many thanks,

Inge Pullar, Australia

After trying so many things for my daughter to stop wetting the bed I used this alarm and found that it was the only thing that worked. It was fantastic and my daughter was free from bedwetting after 3 weeks of using this alarm.

Tanya Payne, NSW Australia

I cannot speak highly enough of your product! Used the dryeasy alarm on my 7year old son who was extremely embarrassed about his bed wetting problem. Within 3 weeks he was dry and has been dry ever since (several months now), with not one accident! We are amazed. The product does take some dedication and I had my son sleeping in our room for 2wks to ensure he awoke when the alarm went off. By the end of the 2nd week he was waking on his own and taking himself to the toilet and by the 3rd week he was dry. He wore the alarm for a further week just to be safe, with no accidents and has been dry ever since. I would highly recommend your product to anyone as it is easy to use and 3 weeks is nothing in comparison to the expense of pull-ups or loads of washing and embarrassment caused by bed wetting. My son is very proud of himself and can now enjoy sleepovers with his friends instead of having to worry about hiding his pull-ups.

Fiona, Australia

Thank you for the opportunity to give feedback regarding your bedwetting alarm.

We had tried other alarms (pad/mat style) with no success, but the Dry Easy has been brilliant!  It is very easy to use, very reasonably priced and is so sensitive that the smallest drop sets it off so the child doesn’t have to “wet the whole bed” before they are awakened.  I have found this alarm so helpful for my child.  We are still using the alarm (following a program) and my child has been dry now for 18 consecutive nights!

Thank you so much!

A happy mom, Australia

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing alarm.

In just 7 nights of the alarm going off sometimes twice a night, my 4.5 year old daughter has now been dry for weeks. The alarm is so affective and affordable compared to other products on the market. The alarm has saved my sanity after washing sheets everyday for years. I’m so thrilled and so is my daughter.

Natalie Klerck, Australia